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Our mission is to recycle pacemakers from the Developed World for use in the Developing World.

Pace4Life proposes to create a link between the Developed World and the Developing World by facilitating the collection of used pacemakers from Hospitals, Funeral Homes/Crematoriums and Mortuaries. Pace4Life will assess the pacemakers viability for reuse or require recycling, facilitating this as required.

By partnering with other charitable organisations both in the Developed World and in the Developing World, Pace4Life propose to test the model via a series of pilot countries building on already established links and relationships. Overtime Pace4Life will look to refine the model and widen the audience to other countries and patient recipients creating a global reach.

The long term aim is to streamline the process, reducing overheads (shipping, procurement, analysis, refurbishment and sterilisation) and increasing funding through donations, the mining of pacemakers for valuable minerals/metals and other funding models.

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